A downloadable game for Windows

The Rush

Realized by Maxime Briand, Jefferson Mangue, Céline Noël and Clara Legentil for the Virtual Game Jam 2015 in 40 hours.

/!\ The game must be played with an Oculus Rift and Razer Hydras /!\

You play as an average Joe that has to leave his appartment to meet his girlfriend Emma downstairs. However, before leaving, she reminds him via text message a few items he needs to pick up before meeting her.

The game focuses on giving the player a stressful sensation via the phone feedback, fully simulated in the game, and via the interactions with the girlfriend Emma. The player controls both character's hands separately thanks to the Hydra controllers and most items spread in the messy appartment are fully physically simulated. You can pick them up, throw them, drop them, examine them...

/!\ The game requires good hardware to run at a steady 75FPS and the text messages received are in French /!\

Install instructions

Check the README.txt file included in the project for in depth instructions on how to start the game and control it.

Don't forget to use Shift+R to recalibrate the Rift and the Hydra button to recalibrate the Hydra controllers (do it with your arms extended in front of you holding the controllers towards the base, not in a T position)


TheRushPackaged.zip 275 MB